serge lobreau Serge Maurice Lobreau and his ambition to become an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a path that many ambitious people choose, wishing to develop their own project. This is the case of Serge Maurice Lobreau, who developed his ambition thanks to his difficult experiences during his youth but it encouraged him to become a company manager, now at the head of Sapian Group. Let’s discover the inspiring journey of this young entrepreneur who has shown determination throughout his life in order to succeed.

Difficult first years in Congo…

Serge Maurice Lobreau, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was born in the late 1970s in Mbuji-Mayi. He spent the first years of his life surrounded by his brothers and sisters in this province of Katanga, renowned for its mining resources. But the siblings will not experience many moments of joy, because when their grandfather dies, the family sees that they will have to change their lives. At the age of about ten, Serge Maurice Lobreau and his brothers and sisters were cared for by an aunt who wanted to raise them in France, where she lived. Met at his grandfather’s funeral, she decided to take them under her wing to give them a chance to succeed in France. However, administrative procedures are long and tedious. The siblings then have to wait for their expatriation request to be accepted.

In the meantime, the siblings are expected to spend nearly a year in the DRC capital, Kinshasa. They then reside in the home of a wealthy person, who is a good acquaintance of the  family. Unfortunately, during this period, siblings face a lot of violence and abuse. This is a particularly difficult time for the whole family. But finally, the administrative procedures were successful and Serge Maurice Lobreau and all his brothers and sisters were finally able to join their aunt in France. They left their country of origin, Zaïre, in 1989.

… until his new life in France

Serge Maurice Lobreau arrived in France in 1989 where he settled in the suburbs with his family. Very quickly, he managed to master French and decided to devote himself to his studies in order to escape the growing delinquency in his neighbourhood. In parallel with his high school, the young teenager works during his free time and accumulates small jobs. He finally obtained his baccalaureate and wanted to pursue law studies, while continuing to work in parallel to support himself. Through these various student jobs, Serge Maurice Lobreau makes contacts that encourage him to take the path of entrepreneurship. After two years in law and a first entrepreneurial step in events, he finally decided to specialize in finance until he obtained a master’s degree.  

A growing ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit

After several years working abroad in the financial world, Serge Maurice Lobreau is making a radical shift towards entrepreneurship. Thus, in 2014, he decided to propose his own financial solution, called Flashmoni and founded the Sapian Group. Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, Serge Maurice Lobreau has developed his fintech project and become a major player in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. His greatest ambition as an entrepreneur is to give back to the community and offer financial services to those who are unbanked.