Financial Vision and Beyond

The birth of PayPal in the 1990’s paved the way for the use of digital currencies. However, the concept goes back as early as 1980’s, when David Chaum first came up with the idea of digital cash — with the then company DigiCash.

Fast forwarding two decades later, it became easy and everywhere accessible, simply at the palm of a hand, to do shopping, transferring and investing without even using actual notes and coins.

Sooner than expected, the upcoming viral video might very well be the one that shows a parent explaining to their kids why they used bills and coins for their shopping purpose.

Well, perhaps its time to start saving those remaining coins & banknotes for antique purposes and shift to digital currencies…

Undeniably, digital currencies — or crypto currencies — are revolutionizing the financial sector. The world is shifting from the routinely used traditional financial services to an instant, boundary-free type of business making.

Though digital currencies played an essential role in providing solutions to the global financial inclusion, there is an undeniable gap. According to World Bank’s “Universal Financial Access” (UFA 2020), two billion people don’t have proper financial services. UFA 2020’s vision is to provide financial services for up to one billion people. In the long run, accomplishing such a goal will ultimately contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the year 2030, as set out by the United Nations.

However, attaining such ambition not only requires the relentless efforts of governments and financial institutions, but also the engagement of private sectors.

Flashmoni’s founders realized the need of being also committed to a financial inclusion process and are introducing their vision to accomplish this by providing an innovative Blockchain-powered financial solution.

What makes Flashmoni very unique in the “red ocean” of ICOs is the fact that this company envisions to empower people with real control over their finances and with a truthful capacity of dealing with their financial needs by providing actual gold-pegged Blockchain solutions to a wide range of users, including the unbanked and the under-banked people.

Flashmoni‘s proposal invites everyone to become the next digital currency movers and market shaker-uppers, people that have the pleasure of empowering others.

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