Blockchain, it’s not about revolution no more but “E-volution”.

Standing from my young age I’ve seen a lot of things during this short life journey. I was born in Africa, raised and shaped in France and finally develop my professional and human skills overseas, I’m a global citizen. I’m very open-minded about many subjects and especially this new disrupting “tool” called Blockchain.

I have worked in marketing, controlling and finance areas, traded stocks, bonds, futures, options, CDs, precious metals, commodities, currencies and so much more shameless financial products created by the greedy banker. However, I never felt what I’m feeling right now in our economy! something huge has emerged and just like “toothpaste tube ,it going to be very difficult to put it back once it’s out”. It’s not a revolution we are going to ,but a major and significant “E-volution”! The Blockchain is about to completely change our paradigm about how organizations should be steer and ruled.

As many new areas , regulators’ and the majority of people will be mistrustful but like Arthur Schopenhauer says “All truth passes three stages. First, she is ridiculed. Then it is strongly opposed. Then, it is considered to have been an obvious” we are today somewhere in the Grey zone between stage 2 and stage 3.

This “E-volution” and all the amazing positive aspects (way more important that all negative ones) that could be put to service of the population still have a scaling issue. I’m not referring from a purely technical view here, but one large range of population seems to be forgotten in this “E-volution”: The low-income countries, representing more than 60% of humankind. The development of our future industries and growth-linked are based on those countries. Some of them have a 2 figures growth since decades, infrastructure in all area is strongly been updated since those last 3 years. For some of them, they can now rise and claim their place in this new paradigm.

From a personal experience and approach, the ideology of Blockchain and decentralization is completely relevant in those countries suffering of lack of justice, financial services, healthcare, transportation etc…Blockchain technology should empower those populations and allow them to finally start to project themselves in a future horizon instead of thinking and living a day after day existence, fixing issue after issue without any accurate agenda.

I quit a good position in a corporation years ago to create my consultancy company, I traveled a lot, i did good business and have failed in some just like every human being, but everything I saw ,was hope and the desire to have and become more in each contact eyes i made in those countries. I decide to create FLASHMONI in order to fix one crucial need that’s appear to me while I was operating other there: how enable the participation of unbanked and under-banked populations in this new financial and non-financial world order impelled by Blockchain?

This idea seems simple but 3 basic issues shows up :

Technological issue: Is the technology advanced enough to operate blockchain solution ?

Access issue: More than 80% of population are unbanked and under-banked and therefore have no Visa or MasterCard, how can they access to blockchain technology?

Pricing issue: How develop this solution with an affordable price allowing people to save more money (while they using remittances services by example) and our company to thrive through this new Crypto-economy area?

We started 2 years ago to work on our FLASHMONI solution. We find a mix between finance and advertising, this new ecosystem is built on a balanced business model in order to propose basic finance services at a rating spot price and even free for some essential services like holding a physical or virtual Visa/MasterCard, send money instantly and remittances services.

Alone we will go faster , but together we should go way beyond and cross every mountain standing in front of us.

We need every talent willing to participate in our project, we are building right now our extended team, advisors, and partners, so feel free to reach out if you think that you can play your part in this new human odyssey.

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